Our Team

  • Kieran Kelly 

    I have lived in Brussels for the best part of fifteen years and been active in the Belgian freelance market for nearly all of this time. Consequently I have been able to build a solid base of loyal contractors and clients as I can meet them regularly and ensure that the service I am providing is adding real value. In addition to English I speak French and also have a smattering of Dutch and Portuguese. I am almost certainly Hereford United’s most far flung supporter!.

    Tel: +32 2 504 0103
    Email: kieran.kelly@ntrinsic.net 

  • Robin Miller

    I started my career working for a major player in the recruitment business. I joined Ntrinsic in March 2017 after 13 years at a UK-based Oracle Partner (Provanis). My specialist knowledge of the Oracle market in the UK will help Ntrinsic to grow its offering across Europe. Once I’m out of the office, you can usually find me running around chasing my two young sons. This is a good training programme for running at fundraiser half-marathons organised by charities: I’m quite proud of having raised more than £5000 for various good causes.

    Tel: +44 2085 46 61 20
    Email: robin.miller@ntrinsic.net

  • Tim Pauwels

    After a first professional experience in the medical-social sector, I decided to give a commercial role a try. Given my personal interests and ambitions, this ended up being a springboard to the area in which I am working today: A nice combination of a commercial and human approach of the labour market in Belgium. I would like to continue investing in a broad and thorough market knowledge to continue to help both customers and candidates with their needs. In my free time I like to play football, drink a glass of fine wine with some jazz music in the background.

    Tel: +32 2 504 0108
    Email: tim.pauwels@ntrinsic.net

  • Gabriel Dushimire

    Since joining Ntrinsic Consulting in 2016, I have gained an extensive knowledge of the Oracle market in France. Our unparalleled international network of candidates allows us to provide our clients with top talent matching their needs. In my spare time, I’m a world traveller, always eager to discover new countries and places.

    Tel: +32 2 504 0104
    Email: gabriel.dushimire@ntrinsic.net

  • Support Services


    Neil Chapman

    Tel: + 44 20 8546 4139
    Email: neil.chapman@ntrinsic.net 

  • Julie McCarthy

    With a background in IT and accounting systems training, I was asked by Ntrinsic to ‘help out with a bit of admin’ 6 years ago! I am now involved in all aspects of the Back Office function and enjoy the daily spinning of plates to ensure efficient support to the Sales team. I am an avid amateur dramatics fan (this always helps when dealing with the Sales team!) and run a children’s Drama Club whilst also studying for a Theatre Studies degree.

    Tel: +44 1442 842223
    Email: julie.mccarthy@ntrinsic.net

  • Sarah Gard

    I am Ntrinsic’s Contracts Manager and have been in the industry for over 15 years. When I’m not providing back office support and processing payments I can generally be found indulging in my favourite pastime of retail therapy.

    Tel: +44 20 8559 0666
    Email: sarah.gard@ntrinsic.net 

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