Attraction and Engagement Challenges in 2021


2021 is shaping up to have its own unique set of challenges for the recruitment world. Our w...

2021 is shaping up to have its own unique set of challenges for the recruitment world. Our ways of working are still changing; candidate expectations are shifting, and clients are struggling to find the talent they need. 

Many businesses realise that coming to Ntrinsic for support is the right thing to do, as steadfast recruiters now more than ever, need to be a beacon hope and weather the storm. It’s our job to overcome any issue with candidate sourcing; to stay efficient, it takes adaptability (like we discussed in our last blog) and a willingness to embrace new tech and ways of working. And the ways of working have certainly changed. 

What hasn’t changed, is how your brand, process and engagement can impact your hiring activity. Here are our three top tips for businesses who are navigating (and wanting to thrive) in 2021:

  1. Employer branding. To be attractive to candidates, you need to have a clear, solid employer brand – one that showcases who you are and helps you stand out from competitors. A candidate’s mind can be easily swayed, but if they’re invested in your business then a successful placement follows. Employer branding can be as simple as a mission statement or as polished as a branded career site, social media channels and blog. It’s all about positioning yourself as a great place to work and showing insight into your culture and company. Once they love your business and agree to work with you, you can then think about…
  2. Onboarding. The way onboarding works has had to change and it can be a big stumbling block for new candidates. Now, onboarding is happening remotely so it’s worth transitioning your process if you haven’t already. Online hiring processes are popular and will remain so – onboarding is a natural follow-on part of this. Onboarding is more than just a new hire’s first day, it establishes their perception of the company so we advise setting up virtual training in advance, push digital innovation by using new, personalised signatures and consider looking into CRM or platforms that will help with admin and free up everyone’s time. Onboarding needs to be beneficial and engaging. Speaking of…
  3. Engagement. Engagement can be difficult to maintain at the best of times, never mind during multiple lockdowns and in a world in the midst of a pandemic. Candidate engagement, if you want to be successful, is essential. They need to feel reassured and heard, so constant communication is a must as are follow-ups to keep them interested in working with you or for you. Genuine interest and effort will pay off – the right opportunity will come up and everyone will be happy. 

The good thing about a challenge is that they give us a chance to test ourselves and grow. When it comes to recruitment, you don’t have to go it alone; to find out more about how the team at Ntrinsic help, get in touch today.

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