Bridging the gap for remote workers through digital assistants


As with most workforces at the moment, we are trying to navigate the best ways of working fr...

As with most workforces at the moment, we are trying to navigate the best ways of working from home during this unprecedented time and understand the importance of keeping everyone connected, meaning communication is key.

Work-at-home requirements associated with the spread of COVID-19 have made it all the more important to give employees easy access to ever-changing information on things such as company policies, insurance coverage, and public health guidance. Bridging the gap between management and remote workers has meant that, moving forward, AI-based chatbots or Digital Assistants stand to change the way we interact with business applications and make businesses perform more efficiently and improve employee experiences.

While we have the freedom to engage in user-friendly experiences in our personal lives, such as the increasingly popular Alexa and Siri, there have been few options for these to be used in people’s professional lives. But that’s set to change. Digital Assistants can help with answering general policy questions, supporting employee health and safety and answering simple questions such as ‘how much holiday allowance do I have left’ or ‘when will my expenses be paid’. Leading an organisation through this unprecedented time has put an increased demand on businesses as whole, but particularly the HR function. As a result, organisations would be wise to leverage AI-powered technologies such as Digital Assistants to scale their functions.

Digital assistants can support employees through what they need now, while creating efficiencies for the long term. Employees being able to access instant information through AI means the communication is consistent and correct, making the employee feel more valued and therefore increasing employee engagement.

How are you utilising AI in your people function? Are digital assistants a thing of the future or the next best thing?

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