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Our team welcomed Mihaela Mateescu for a 3-week internship program at Ntrinsic. During her t...

Our team welcomed Mihaela Mateescu for a 3-week internship program at Ntrinsic. During her time with us, Mihaela learnt more about human resources and was immersed in the IT recruitment world. Our team passed on their knowledge, expertise, and passion through training and mentoring. We spoke to Mihaela to find out how her internship with us went.

Where did you hear about Ntrinsic? 

I was looking for an internship in the field of human resources and recruitment. However, I was having difficulty sourcing one due to the current pandemic. I told a friend about my search and he told me about the company he was working for: Ntrinsic. And that's how I discovered Ntrinsic. 

How did the team welcome you?

On my first day at Ntrinsic, I was given a very warm welcome. We had the opportunity to get to know each other over a very nice breakfast. I felt integrated very quickly. I was shown to my office and even given a personal laptop and my own company email address. My welcome and integration into the company exceeded my expectations. 

What did you like most about your internship?

First of all I liked the contact I had with my manager, Leontine. We had great communication and the organisation was very clear. The different tasks I was offered were explained to me in great detail. I was given feedback that helped me to learn and improve. With the different tasks, I was able to have a more concrete vision and discover more about the job of a human resources manager. The team was also very welcoming and warm towards me. This aspect allowed me to feel confident and supported during my internship. 

How would you describe Ntrinsic in three words?

Discovery, perseverance and tenacity.

What is your best memory at Ntrinsic?

The most memorable moments at Ntrinsic were the feedback at the end of the week. The encouragement and recognition that the team receives is something I really appreciated. I also enjoyed the interview, which I had the opportunity to attend. It gave me a different perspective than the purely theoretical one I had during my studies. 

We wish Mihaela the best of luck in her future career. If you would be interested in interning with us, please contact Leontine. 

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