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Here at Ntrinsic, we’ve nurtured a cohesive culture where we all share one goal: to deliver....

Here at Ntrinsic, we’ve nurtured a cohesive culture where we all share one goal: to deliver. Transparency, cohesiveness and humility underpin our culture and we’re honest in what we can achieve. Find out how and why that’s delivering success for us and for our clients…

Ntrinsic continues to be on an ambitious journey of growth, fuelled by a grown-up, consultative culture where people are allowed to fail, trusted to get on and supported by senior colleagues to develop their career. 

“We bring people in, we nurture them, we make them very much part of our culture, but at the same time we are on a massively interesting transformational journey which, quite frankly, is addictive."

Mike Thorpe, Ntrinsic CEO

Perhaps most fundamentally, our culture is hugely transparent: everything happens for a reason and has a purpose. And that extends into how people feel: everyone is honest and open and brings a humility that empowers all to do what needs to be done. It’s all about applying your strengths to complement the wider team. Everyone is willing to get stuck in and do whatever it takes.

Historically, recruitment companies have worked in silos and individuals are focused on personal gain. Not so at Ntrinsic. We work together and cohesively and that is essential to growth, specifically embedding new revenue streams, cross-selling and enabling open communications.  

“We are working towards a strong major account sales strategy which encourages cohesiveness because you've got to have an expert in SAP working with an expert in Oracle working with an expert in data science or cyber security. If Oracle is successful, SAP is probably going to be successful, so there is that collaboration and cohesiveness that I think is growing and is getting better.”


Our values are what shape us and we’ve achieved a dynamic balance between our people informing the values and those values driving us. People bring them to work every day and it’s a virtuous circle, so they’re embedded in everything we do.

“If you are already doing it and seeing the success, it becomes part of the DNA of the organisation very quickly and a lot of that is down to the kind of people you're hiring.”


Our leadership team brings a practical approach, informed by experience, to building teams that set us apart in the marketplace: building the business from the inside out. It’s essentially what makes us different for two very good reasons: the culture drives success and it helps to attract the best talent in the industry.

Humility is important in terms of generating respect for each other and our clients and being willing to do whatever it takes. It makes us all better people.

This all also enables a culture where any performance issues are dealt with in a positive and proactive way. Underperformance is never left out in the cold. In fact, conversely, managers are open to understanding and getting to the root of barriers to performance within the wider context of career development.

And that’s reflected in the atmosphere in our offices in Brussels and London. We understand the importance of creating a good place to work.

“If anyone asks me “What's the perfect thing in a job?”, I always say the people I'm working with. People are absolutely everything to me and I believe that the people we bring into Ntrinsic are all like-minded folk. We’re not all the same, we’re like-minded.”


We bring people in, work out what they’re good at and we make them world class. That is what makes a team.

We’re building an environment where people can come in and talk openly, not worry about being criticised for your views or not understanding something for the first, second, third or even fourth time.

And that’s all built into our culture.

“We all feel like we’re building something, making a place we want to work and where we all have an input and impact. Our achievements are all about us and that’s much more rewarding than just big billing numbers. When you sit back and a mate in the pub asks what you’re doing, you say, “I'm actually helping build a company and what I do every day is having an impact”. That makes us proud.”


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