Ntrinsic's New Starters - Zohir Bellaari


In July 2021 we welcomed Zohir Bellaari into our fold. Since joining us, Zohir has worked on...

In July 2021 we welcomed Zohir Bellaari into our fold. Since joining us, Zohir has worked on developing Ntrinsic's presence in the Benelux market as our Business Development Manager and Head of Sales Technology Solutions in Europe. We caught up with Zohir to find out how his first few months at Ntrinsic have gone. 

How long have you been with Ntrinsic?

I started working at Ntrinsic at the start of July 2021.

What area do you specialise in?

I have been hired as the Business Development Manager to increase Ntrinsic’s competitiveness and presence in the Benelux market.

In addition, I have been building and supervising a team of recruiters who work on many varied IT profiles in the Benelux market.

What have you most enjoyed about joining Ntrinsic?

The team is small, but young, diverse, dynamic and motivated. I like coming in every day and welcome new challenges.

What is a ‘typical’ day like?

As my role has different “hats”, it is hard to describe a typical day at work. My role is also challenging, so every day looks different.

I would say that clients’ meetings are recurrent and very important in my job, but also managing and working closely with my team of recruiters looking for new roles to fill with good candidates.

What has been your ‘best’ day so far?

It is hard to answer that question as I’ve had a lot of good days so far, but one of the best days was when my team made their first placement back to August 2021, just a month after I joined the company.

What is something you are looking forward to doing in your role?

I would like both my team and Ntrinsic to grow and succeed.

How would you describe the culture at Ntrinsic?

Ntrinsic is a small multicultural company but with a strong basis and presence in UK and Europe. The team is culturally-mixed with strong personalities, which make it very vibrant.

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