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In June 2021 we welcomed Olga Adam into our fold. Since joining us, Olga has made a real imp...

In June 2021 we welcomed Olga Adam into our fold. Since joining us, Olga has made a real impact. We caught up with Olga to find out how her first few months at Ntrinsic have gone. 

How long have you been with Ntrinsic?

I have been with Ntrinsic since June 2021.

What area do you specialise in?

I am an Oracle Recruitment Consultant.

What have you most enjoyed about joining Ntrinsic?

Ntrinsic is a very atypical company where the wellbeing of a person is the main priority. People are well taken cared of. The leadership of the company makes sure to invest in proper training and overall wellbeing of colleagues. It is a high energy atmosphere where everyone strives for success.

What is a ‘typical’ day like?

There isn’t really a typical day in the office, and this is something that I genuinely enjoy about my job. The focus of the day is prospecting the right candidates to make sure our clients needs are met. Juggling client meetings and calls fills the biggest part of the day.

What has been your ‘best’ day so far?

The best day so far has been when my client called, one week after the candidate started his new assignment, to say how happy they were with the quality of his services. On the same day I received very positive feedback from the candidate’s side, saying that he had been dreaming about a role like it.

What is the biggest challenge that you have faced in your role so far?

The biggest challenge so far was to understand the specifics of the market. The Oracle market is very niche, therefore it requires a great amount of research in order to properly understand it.

What is something you are looking forward to doing in your role?

Every day I look forward to helping candidates find their dream assignment and clients solve their problems in the best and fastest way possible.

How has Ntrinsic helped you to develop in your role?

Ntrinsic has been a great support in developing my skills and knowledge. Starting with recruitment training and being present every day when needed in order to guide me.

How would you describe the culture at Ntrinsic?

The culture at Ntrinsic is very supportive and very positive. People genuinely believe in each other and motivate one another. Every success is celebrated on a company level.

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