Ntrinsic & The Incredible Potential of being an OSI Company


Established in 2005, Ntrinsic grew organically into a midmarket, medium-sized niche IT consu...

Established in 2005, Ntrinsic grew organically into a midmarket, medium-sized niche IT consultancy specialising in the Oracle ERP sector. Our team are particularly proud of the reputation we’ve built in the pan-European market, serviced from offices in Brussels and the UK.

It was exactly these qualities that made Ntrinsic an attractive opportunity for OSI, enabling them to grow their presence in territories and sectors in which Ntrinsic lead the way.

Outsourcing Inc (OSI) is a Nikkei-listed, global outsourcing powerhouse with a turnover of some $2 billion. Their ambitious growth strategy is centred on acquiring strong businesses and further building and maintaining their brand in the marketplace.

“OSI are growing massively. When I joined, they were the 21st largest staffing company in the world, with ambitions to be in the Top 20 and then the Top 10. Then there were 50 subsidiaries outside of Japan. Now, that number is closer to 400. OSI has a revenue of 2.5 billion and should break into the Top 10 this year. OSI is a truly global business operating in markets from Australia to the US and everywhere in between.”

Neil Chapman, Chief Financial Officer

Whilst benefiting from OSI’s global credentials and wealth of knowledge in the outsourcing business at corporate level, Ntrinsic maintain and grow our local expertise, knowledge and brand – that’s important to us and to OSI.

Being part of one the world’s largest staffing companies in the world comes with other benefits. It’s exciting to attend conferences where our group businesses share their knowledge, ideas and market intelligence, and to get a global perspective of world markets that just would not have been available to us otherwise.

“I attended my first – and OSI’s first – global conference in 2017 and got an incredible insight into the truly global nature of the business. It was fascinating to see how the head office function operates and to network with peers from around the world working in diverse, dynamic markets."

Neil Chapman, Chief Financial Officer

The diversification into permanent and exec level hire and exciting growth plans are being led and driven by the Ntrinsic team. Much to the delight of OSI - as our success helps fuel their ambitious, five year growth strategy

OSI are totally aligned to Ntrinsic’s goals and committed to investing in the people that will further grow our reputation as a niche contract recruiter. That includes diversifying into exec search, permanent recruitment, both across Europe and the UK, and also moving into other ERP markets to compliment Oracle with SAP.

Ntrinsic has undergone an incredible transformation in the last 12-18 months. Beyond our established position as a niche European Oracle Contract business, we’re now a European technology solutions business. This diversification has been critical to realising growth and changing us as a business.

To enable and empower this, we’ve also invested in improving our communications to ensure we’re operating effectively as one business. Already, that has resulted in a more collaborative culture and allowed us to open up other markets.

We’re very much a complete consultancy now that can fill not only contract requirements but also any permanent recruitment requirements. This complete service is of enormous benefit to our clients and its delivered by an incredible team. They really care and are high quality consultants who are focused on improving the client experience. That’s what really sets us apart.

Our people, the great communication, enthusiasm and collaborative approach all provide a solid foundation for further growth. We’re also continuing to shape our sales strategy and invest in our expertise in key areas such as data and cybersecurity.

“We all continue to work hard and rise to the challenges but it’s really rewarding to look back at this stage and see what we’ve achieved in a relatively short period of time. We’ve completely transformed the business and I’m looking forward to getting to the end of next year – 2021 – and seeing where we are then ”

“The best part of my job is working with great people who have energy. Recruitment is a very fast-moving, dynamic business and I see it as my role to keep people and communication at heart, delivering the highest calibre solutions and guiding growth.”

Neil Chapman, Chief Financial Officer

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