Sourcing Business Analysts for a Cross-Sector Supplier


Business Analysts Required for an Industry-Leading Supplier to the Private and Public Sector...

Business Analysts Required for an Industry-Leading Supplier to the Private and Public Sector

Learn all about the support offered by Ntrinsic to an industry-leading supplier of services and software, who supports not just public sector organisations across the UK but the private sector too.

The Brief: The Right Approach Paired With Experience

When approached by one of our trusted and valued partnered companies, we were tasked with finding them a suitable Business Analyst. Due to upcoming growth plans, the client required the expertise of an experienced professional to guide their expansion.

The Challenge: Pairing expertise with the relevant experience

The Business Analyst needed to offer at least six years’ experience, preferably in a similar sector, with a hands-on approach that would both support and guide the client during this exciting time. Finding the right person who worked in the way required, with the experienced desired, was a challenge but not impossible.

Our Approach: In-depth and Dedicated

We took the time to hear our client’s requirements and familiarise ourselves with the detailed brief over various video and phone calls. Whatever the client needed to communicate, we were ready to listen, receive the information and act upon it every step of the way. We knew that after screening, candidates would not only need to fit the script but also fit within the company's forward-thinking culture. With this in mind, we supplied daily, and at times every other day updates to the client so they had full awareness and knowledge throughout the process.

The Solution

Our network of talent showcased itself as we were able to provide staged shortlists of different individuals to the client in a timely manner. By screening before submission, we did not waste the client’s time or efforts, and initiating feedback from the client meant we were able to proactively understand which candidates had been preferential, therefore allowing us to gain a greater understanding of the client’s needs and improve our search efforts, if needed, for the future. Our approach only comes second to our extensive network as a solution, as this allowed us to pinpoint individuals who would add the exact experience and value the client needed.

The Result

Our approach saved the client wasted hours and resources that would have been used attempting to source the individual themselves. We were able to provide the client with a candidate who was not only someone they can trust but who has added immense value to an important part of their business at a critical time. This is a testament that solid relationship building, our thorough search process and our bespoke way of handling every brief sets us apart from other recruitment consultants. This is also proven by feedback from the client directly: “Ntrinsic were a pleasure to work with, we had a real pressure point in our business, and this was resolved quickly and efficiently – we were updated thoroughly and as a result employed an outstanding individual.”

Just imagine the difference Ntrinsic could make to your recruitment process. To learn more about our capabilities, visit or for help and guidance, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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