Tech Evolution and Trends For 2022


When it comes to obsolete versus dominant technology, there’s power in being able to think a...

When it comes to obsolete versus dominant technology, there’s power in being able to think ahead to what will best serve you personally and professionally. After all, technology has evolved and shaped our workplaces, made our lives easier and increased the productivity of almost every industry. With the pandemic, we have seen an accelerated rate of digitisation and virtualisation not just for business but for society too. Looking to 2022, what can we expect? One thing is for sure; advancements are going to continue. 

Increased AI

The next wave of artificial intelligence is coming. Developments and implementations are only set to increase - it’s already difficult to find anyone who isn’t experimenting with AI. This tech significantly accelerates profits and productivity, so we expect breakthroughs in leveraging data and our ways of working. This won’t only be for augmented workforces but white-collar jobs too. Voice assistants will continue to reduce workloads, and we predict key AI applications like language modelling to be accessible to entire knowledge workforces.


Due to people working and staying at home, non-renewable energy usage has decreased. The cost of generating renewable energy has also fallen, which is a positive step for businesses to achieve their emissions targets. Expect more technologies to emerge in 2022 that integrate sustainability – this is critical for building products and services that deliver on environmental goals. In the case of Bitcoin, a move towards carbon offsetting and less energy-intensive models will be on the horizon. The knock-on effect of the last 18 months is that more companies will now focus on sustainable energy solutions, and after the discussions and deals at COP26, this will continue to be a more significant focus.


The pace of technology is both impressive and intimidating. Whether we’re overly trusting or not trusting enough, trust and technology go hand in hand. Now more than ever, people are armed with increasing knowledge of what their data is being used for and awareness of cybercrime. It’s natural to be wary, and we foresee that in 2022 companies will be held more accountable. People want to be given the tools to make informed decisions, so businesses will be expected to empower users and transparently comply with all global privacy and data protection regulations.


Most people are familiar with blockchain currencies, also known as crypto-currencies. However, blockchain is more than just a digital payment platform and this relatively new technology is transforming various industries in a variety of ways. Our consultants are always keeping up with technology trends and we want to share our knowledge: In 2022, we will be hosting an event with two speakers who are blockchain experts. We look forward to learning more about this new technology that is becoming more prevalent and how it is being used. 

Talent Shortages

The hiring landscape now and for 2022 is very much a candidate's market. The pandemic caused a boom in tech adoption for businesses everywhere, so digital transformation has advanced at an unprecedented pace. The result of this is talent shortages that, if not resolved, can negatively impact your tech talent pipeline and operations. We can proactively engage with the right candidates to showcase your incentives and secure you the right people. Competition may be high now, but it increases as more people hire. There’s no time to waste. 

At Ntrinsic, we’re proud to be a business built on expertise. We can support and deliver your tech recruitment goals now and in the future. To find out how we could help you with your tech recruitment in 2022, get in touch with a member of the team.

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