The Transformation of the Recruiter - Candidate Relationship


The role of today’s recruiter is as much about finding the right individual for a role, as i...

The role of today’s recruiter is as much about finding the right individual for a role, as it is about finding the right role for the individual. Especially in the world of tech recruitment, where in places, demand far out ways supply.

Since the start of the Recruitment (R)evolution (we spoke about that in our last blog), more and more employers are developing their employer value propositions, investing heavily in their employer brand, creating dedicated career sites and curating their social media presence – even if they still rely on the support of recruitment specialists to help them reach the best talent in the market. These channels are so important to communicate to the outside world what they, as employers, can offer. By investing time and effort in these channels they also get more of a chance to shape the conversation, rather than having the conversation develop around them.

The traditional relationship between recruiter and candidate placed the recruiter in the dominant position, where they held all of the information about the role and recruiting organisation. Now, because of the increase in prevalence of review sites (such as Indeed and Glassdoor), careers sites and of course social networks, we see the evolution of more balanced relationship where the candidate has access to as much information about the recruiting organisation as the recruiter, helping them make better informed decisions about their next career move.  

However, access to more information works both ways, in that any good recruiter will do their research when identifying possible new candidates and before putting them forward for roles. This probably means a good review of an individuals LinkedIn profile, but could go further. Investing this time helps to understand the person behind the CV - interests, personality, motivators and drivers. All of these factors are especially important when you think that cultural fit is as important as experience and qualifications.

In summary the transformation of the recruiter-candidate relationship is a positive thing, it means that the whole process is more transparent and more human. After all, that’s what we are – a people business. 

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